Superpuzzle 1

We concluded chapter seventeen this evening when Mr. Hammerschmidt delivered some papers to Miss Annabelle’s house for her to sign and invited himself in (in more ways than one). Mr. Hammerschmidt attempted to rape Miss Annabelle but John Melbourne came to her rescue. There was a scuffle between Mr. Melbourne and Mr. Hammerschmidt that ended with Mr. Hammerschmidt smashing his head into the stone mantle that killed him. With Mr. Hammerschmidt being a politician, Miss Annabelle and Mr. Melbourne was blamed for his death.
This topic tonight sparked a tremendous amount of responses from our members. It was a very lively call. The members shared openly, some were even motivational. The general consensus is that we can create a more positive future, more so if we quit standing in the way of our own selves.

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