Superpuzzle 1

Hello Everyone,
Tonight we had a special guest on our call. Featured was David Kekich who spoke on the topic of longevity. Information on some new research he is working on was shared. In addition David talked about the many different products that he has to offer as well as some of the ways we can stay healthy to live as long as we can. David projected that the date for curing aging is estimated to be 2033 or even sooner. Because technology is moving at lightning speed we could have some of these technologies in just a few years.

One thought on “Superpuzzle 1

  1. mentorelaine says:

    Hello Jacque, I want you to know I do get the feeling of depth and wisdom when you speak. Thank you for always having clarifying insights on your Calls. I want to thank you and Sue for having David Kekich on as your guest. He is an interesting person to talk with………..Love, Mentor Elaine


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