Mark Hamilton – Superpuzzle 1

Our program was opened with our “Breakthrough News” on “Cayenne Pepper” a staple in your medicine cabinet; which the members relished by sharing their comments and integrations with us. Our literature reading from chapter thirty-two included Daniel Ward’s talk about the “Twelve Visions Party” not being about politics but about the removal of external authorities. In addition Theodore Winters, the successful businessman, shared his secrets about “The Essence of Business”. Then we had our round table discussion with some valuable input and integrations from the members.

2 thoughts on “Mark Hamilton – Superpuzzle 1

  1. Imagine a world free of force where every one had equal protection of their greatest value — the ability to think and create ever-increasing values for self and others. Your book, is all about the human potential and this story emotionally helps us remember just how capable we each were as children. Even with the chaos around us we each had a great dream of growing up rich because we would make something that would help the world. Mentor Jacqueline I could listen to you read for hours! You are very good at what you do. I know your listeners love you. Happy Holidays!


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